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Richie Cranny - Founder, Wimp2Warrior

Episode Summary

I interview Richie Cranny, creator and founder of Wimp2Warrior, a unique 20 Week physical training program, with its foundation being MMA. What started out as a 20 Week fitness, fat loss, and physical training program, has become something much more powerful and transformative than just the physical. Fancy getting into a cage fight with a complete stranger???

Episode Notes

In this Episode I interviewed Richie Cranny, founder and president of the Mixed Martial Arts company and program known as Wimp2Warrior.

As a life long student of all sorts of martial arts and combative sports, Richie created this unique fitness and competition concept when he immigrated to Australia from the UK in the early 2000’s.

This certainly is something a little different.

Initially created to provide people with an 20 week program for creating a new fitter, stronger and more confident version of themselves, W2W has now evolved into a world wide program that provides people with the opportunity to get involved and commit themselves to 20 weeks of rigorous self discovery, after which they actually compete in a full contact, combat cage fight with another person in which they seem well matched to.

Yep, you’re hearing right, you may start out wanting to get a bit fitter and drop a few pounds, but at the end of 20 weeks, you find yourself in mortal combat with a complete stranger in a cage.

My logical brain asks how on earth do you get insurance for that whilst my non-logical competitive self says, “That’s so cool, where do I sign up?”

Richie has a great personal story too, he’s no stranger to adversity and goes to lengths to explain just how Mixed Martial Arts has been somewhat of a saviour for him as well.

Like any successful business person, who has created their own concept, and not just copied or bought into a franchise, Richie is a shrewd, passionate, driven and focused businessman, who has created something unique, challenging and somewhat addictive.

It’s a great listen.


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